Acts and Intermissions

Acts and Intermissions
Director: Abigail Child

USA, 2017, documentary, 56 mins., English with Lithuanian subtitles, N-16

Film presents the portrait of Kaunas-born feminist and political activist Emma Goldman. The tension between the personal and the public action outlines the political protest. Intimate diaries of the Most Dangerous Woman in America in the 20th century reveal the human weaknesses, compromise, hard choices, and the little-known side of the famous anarchist, which was both passionate and feminine. The multi-faceted film combines new material with the archival one and highlights endless conflicts between the workers and rulers, between the revolutionary justice and the desire for personal freedom.

About the director

Abigail Child has been at the forefront of experimental writing and media since the 1980s, having completed more than thirty film/video works & installations, and written 6 books. Child's work has been described as vibrant political filmmaking with attention to form.

Her films rewrite narrative, creating the cult classics Perils, Mayhem and Covert Action (1984-87). Other productions borrow documentary to poetically envision public space including B/Side (1996) and Surf And Turf (2011). In recent years, Child has expanded her vertical montage to multiple-screen installation with Mirrorworlds and The Milky Way.

Child is Emeritus Professor of Media at Tufts University, the SMFA, and lives and works in New York City.

Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Abigail Child

Dir. of Photography: Abigail Child

Music: Andrea Parkins

Producer: Abigail Child