Crippled Symmetries

Crippled Symmetries
Director: Beatrice Gibson

United Kingdom, 2015, 26 mins., English with Lithuanian subtitles, V

Prologue of the film promisingly opens with a conversation: “George, this piece was made by a man called George Mačiūnas. He came from Lithuania and he went to America. He tried to make money from art, but he failed... Do you like money?”

A ruthless 11 year capitalist and his side-kick, an ailing composer, form the two unlikely protagonists of this experimental mediation on money, music and abstraction in post crisis Britain. Loosely based on William Gaddis’ epic modernist satire, JR (1975).

The film was developed with the On & For Production platform (2014 – 2016), which is an initiative aimed at analysing the specificity and potential of artists' films, to analyse models for the creation and distribution of moving images, to support the artists and to strengthen their international collaboration.

About the director

Beatrice Gibson (b.1978) is an artist and filmmaker based in London. Her films are often improvized in nature, exploring the pull between chaos and control in the process of their own making. Gibson's films are often participatory, incorporating co-creative and collaborative processes and ideas. Gibson is twice winner of The Tiger Award for best short film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and winner of the 2015 Baloise Art Prize, Art Basel.

Section: On and For

Dir. of Photography: Nicolas Loir

Music: Beatrice Gibson

Producer: Denna Cartamkhoob