Director: Ceylan Özgün Özcelik

Turkey, 2017, psychological thriller, 94 mins., Turkish with English and Lithuanian subtitles, N-16

Hasret has been seeing the same nightmare for some time, but she keeps living unaware that what she sees is actually remembering. A 30-year-old woman who works in Turkish television news channel, living alone in the flat left by her musician parents who died in a car crash twenty years ago.

Though is it the true story?

The question creeps into her mind, and her life through recurring nightmares. Is it possible that her parents did not die in a car crash?

About the director

Ceylan Özgün Özçelik (1980), studied law at the Marmara University in Istanbul, but never practiced. After having worked as a copywriter in TV channels and as a DJ in a radio station, she started to produce, write and host a TV show on cinema called En Heyecanlı Yeri (Climax) which aired for almost ten years.

Her movie reviews being published on several film magazines, newspapers, festival catalogues and websites. Her book of interviews and media memoirs called Dikkat Çekim Var! (Silence, we’re rolling!) was published in 2013.

She made short films which screened in several festivals including Bratislava Art and Portugal Festroia. Her debut Kaygı (Inflame) has its world premiere in Panorama at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. She is currently developing her second feature which is a dark comedy about women and violence.

Section: Once Upon a Time in Istanbul...

Screenplay: Ceylan Özgün Özcelik

Dir. of Photography: Radek Ładczuk

Music: Ekin Fil

Producer: Adnan M. Şapçı, Emre Oskay, Sadık Ekinci

Cast: Ayris Alptekin, Nihan Asici, Taner Birsel