Director: Gustavo Pizzi

Brasil, Uruguay, 2018, drama, 98 mins., Portuguese with English and Lithuanian subtitles, V

Irene lives in a crumbling house in the outskirts of Rio with her husband and her four sons. Her teenage son Fernando is a local handball star and when he’s scouted to play professionally in Germany, the family has only a few weeks to ready his departure and say goodbye. The perspective of Fernando leaving is a shock and a big change in Irene’s life but also a chance to see herself as a woman again and not just as a mother. Irene gets her high-school diploma, finds a new job and pushes forward with plans for a new family home. As she flourishes, things begin to look up for her family as well. Irene understands that while some things come to an end, new things start and the future is bright as long as they stick together.

2018 Malaga Spanish Film Festival, Golden Biznaga and Silver Biznaga

About the director

Gustavo Pizzi graduated in Film from University Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro. In 2006 he made his first documentary Simple Past, about Rio de Janeiro’s most famous brothels. Pizzi wrote the screenplay of his debut feature Craft (2011) together with his wife, actress Karine Teles, who also plays the leading role. At Gramado Film Festival the film won award for the Best Screenplay. In 2012 Gustavo directed the documentary TV series 2QFRW, together with Felipe Barbosa co-writing the script for Rhinoceros Skin. He also co-wrote the script of the TV series Bruna Surfistinha, broadcasted in Latin America by Fox. The script for the family drama Loveling (2017) was written in collaboration between Pizzi and his wife. Pizzi has also worked as a producer. Presently he’s developing mini-series Gilda.

Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Gustavo Pizzi, Karine Teles

Dir. of Photography: Pedro Faerstein

Music: Dany Roland, Perso Sá, Maximiliano Silveira

Producer: Tatiana Leite

Cast: Karine Teles, Otávio Müller, Adriana Esteves