False Belief

False Belief
Director: Lene Berg

Norway, 2019, documentary, crime, 105 min, English with lithuanian subtitles, V

False Belief is the love story of a couple caught up in the gentrification of a neighborhood that is wiping out a seminal African-American cultural legacy and displacing its original residents. In 2008 Norwegian artist and filmmaker Lene Berg moved in with her partner, a black New York publisher, who will be referred to as D. After giving a statement to the police about being harassed by his neighbor in Harlem, D was arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. But for what exactly? This initiated a journey where D's faith in the American justice system put everything he cherished in life at risk.

Film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2019.

Nominations: Teddy Award; Amnesty International Film Award.

About the director

Lene Berg (born 1965 in Oslo) is a Norwegian film director and artist, who works in Oslo and Berlin and New York. Her work includes film, installation, collage and text. She has produced a number of projects in public spaces and directed four independently produced feature-length films.

EU On & For Production and Distribution is initiated by Auguste Orts (BE) in collaboration with Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), LUX/LUX Scotland (UK), and Nordland Kunst -og Filmfagskole (NO).


  • Kaunas
  • September 27 19:30  Kaunas Culture Centre "Tautos namai" (Kęstučio st. 1.)
  • October 3 20:15  Temporary Cinema Hall "Romuva" (Kęstučio st. 62)
  • Marcinkonys
  • October 12 18:00  Railway Station ()