The Last Day of School

Paskutinis skambutis
Director: Gabrielė Urbonaitė

Lithuania, 2019, short, action, crime, 15 min., Lithuanian language

The Last Day of School is short film by Lithuanian Film Academy award winning director Gabrielė Urbonaitė.

On the last day of school, Edgaras goes on an illegal cigarette run in order to afford a better life with his girlfriend. Edgaras and Miglė are in love. They are high school seniors, living in a small Lithuanian town close to the Belarus border. While in bed on the morning of the last day of school, called The Last Bell, the two fantasize about escaping their hometown for the capital Vilnius, where Miglė wants to move to study Law. Edgaras wants to go with her but he has a younger brother to support at home. With adult support and guidance missing, he seems to be the only provider for the family.

An old friend Viktoras offers Edgaras “easy money” – to go with him on an illegal cigarette run to Belarus – a common source of income for many living on the border. Edgaras used to smuggle too, but he had quit because Miglė disapproves of it. But today, pressured by Viktoras and desiring to afford a kind of lifestyle Miglė wants, Edgaras agrees to go on one last run.

  • Kaunas
  • October 5 18:00  Kaunas Culture Centre "Tautos namai" (Kęstučio st. 1.)