Kaunas International Film Festival Call for Artists’ Moving Image Production


Kaunas International Film Festival (Kaunas IFF), as part of the cooperative European project On & For Production and Distribution (On & For), invites artists to apply for the On & For artists’ moving image (AMI) development platform.

Kaunas IFF proposes an opportunity to join a round table dedicated to AMI development called a Work Session.

Work Sessions provide a platform for artists to share the concepts and needs of their projects in development with a small group of invited professionals in order to receive conceptual and strategic feedback and to connect with prospective co-producers.

The event is built up around the configuration of 4 roundtables for 4 artists projects, which convene simultaneously, behind closed doors, over the course of 2 hours.

At the head of each table, there is an artist with their producer—who may come from a production background either within artists’ moving image or film but could also be a gallerist or curator. Together, they present their project to their individual table of carefully selected invitees.

There are 4-5 invitees around each table. The number of invitees is limited to allow for each person to fully engage and participate in the discussion. The invitees are chosen because of their potential interest in the project and may include curators, freelance or institution based; representatives of museums or galleries; private collectors; representatives of foundations; grants representatives; cinema producers; film funds administrators; programmers, freelance or institution based; residency organisers, and so forth.

The selected project will be sent to Brussels in May 2020 for the Work Sessions event.

We invite artists to apply with projects with or without producer. It is important to note that Kaunas IFF becomes the or one of the producing organizations of the selected project.

The goal of this project is to help foster AMI creation and to research the critical potentials of AMI, exploring possible modes of production and distribution.

Application deadline: November 20, 2019
Applications should be sent in one file containing name of the applicant in file title to: art@kinofestivalis.lt
Results will be announced by: December 15, 2019
Round table date and location: 29 May 2020, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)
Application language: English

There are no special content requirements for the projects. Special attention will be paid to applications of applicants who are either based in Lithuania or to projects that have either conceptual or material links to Lithuania. Authors should see value in collaborating with Kaunas IFF team on producing the project.

Application should follow such formal structure

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Title of the project
  3. Type of work (please describe your ideal conditions for exhibiting this work: duration of work, types of spaces that are best suited for exhibiting it)
  4. Name of producer (if applicable)
  5. Total budget
  6. Part of budget that is already secured
  7. Description of project (max 500 words)
  8. Artist’s biography (max 200 words)
  9. Artist’s CV
  10. Links to artist’s previous work
  11. Producer’s profile (if applicable; max 200 words)
  12. Production and distribution timeline (pre-to-post production calendar, release dates, etc.)
  13. Goals (what do you hope to gain from the Work Session?)
  14. Any other additional information that applicant is willing to share about the project

On & For Production and Distribution stems from a previous European project called On & For Production (2014-2016) and builds upon its results. During the project's first duration, On & For created 4 public workshops, 1 symposium, and 5 round table events that invited more than 150 professionals from 15 countries. By 2016, On & For had supported 21 international artists' moving image (AMI) projects.

Listening to the feedback and demand for such a project to continue evolving, a new project with deeper insight into matters of production and distribution called On & For Production and Distribution (2018-2021) was launched.

On & For produces public situations for the discourse on AMI production and distribution to grow, inter-sectorial knowledge exchange to thrive, and sector development to flourish.

The target audience of artists, filmmakers, producers, distributors, gallerists, museum workers, curators, film festival programmers, independent programmers, film funds, policy makers, art commissioners, art/film industry students, and AMI lovers in general are reached by providing public workshops, case-study seminars, symposiums, and screenings.

On & For focuses on accompanying AMI projects in-the-making, their authors and producers too, and invites keen professionals from the visual art and film sectors to partake in their evolution, supporting projects in development with hands-on peer to peer Work Sessions. This component is invitation based and set up for the development of the projects in progress and to build up cross-sectoral (namely art, film, and culture) AMI networks.

On & For is initiated by the artist-run production and distribution organisation Auguste Orts (BE) in collaboration with the AMI-oriented film festival Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), the AMI-focused arts agency, collection and distributor LUX/LUX Scotland, and the artist-run higher educational institute Nordland Kunst -og Filmskole (NO). On & For Production and Distribution is made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.